Training, Support and Development Standards (TSD)

The Training Support and Development Standards for Foster Care were set up to create a national benchmark for all Foster Carers in England. The training catalogue sets out in detail all the standards and their requirements.

All newly approved Foster Carers will be expected to complete the TSD Standards within 12 months of approval and attend induction training. Family and Friends foster carers are required to complete these within 18 months of approval.   Carers will be supported to complete the TSD standards and produce a portfolio of evidence showing that they have met the requirements. On the completion of this induction stage Foster Carers will be awarded a Certificate of Successful Completion.

Those carers who have completed their CWDC / TSD standards via another fostering agency will be asked to compile a portfolio detailing their knowledge and understanding of Staffordshire’s policies and procedures within 6 months of their approval. Details of those standards to be included in this portfolio will be provided to you by your Fostering Social Worker.