The vision of Staffordshire County Council Looked After Children and Disability Service is to ensure that all children and young people in care are safe, secure and achieve their full potential. Within the Fostering Service we aim to do this by providing and supporting safe, stable and positive experiences of care. Our aim is to ensure that each child has a secure identity by making the most of educational opportunities, being healthy and emotionally well as well as by enjoying a network of social relationships within which they feel valued.

As foster carers you play a vital part in ensuring that children in care have a safe and positive experience whilst being cared for. For some children and young people the plan may be to return home or be placed with relatives whilst others may move on to adoption or remain in permanent foster care.

This handbook contains a range of information and guidance which will help and support you to achieve good outcomes for children and young people in your care. Where guidance is given this is based on the Fostering Service policies and procedures. 

Legislative Framework

The Fostering Services: Regulations, Guidance and Standards (2011) provide the regulatory framework under the Care Standards Act (2000) for the conduct of fostering services.   

The framework is designed to set out the aims and objectives of the service as a whole, and the services and facilities which are provided.