Foster Carer Agreement

The Foster Carer Agreement, which you signed following your approval at panel, outlines your responsibilities and those of the Department. You will receive and sign an updated copy each year following your Annual Review or when a change has been made to your approval.

The Foster carers agreement states that carers should notify us of the following:

  • Any intended change of address
  • Any change to the composition of the household, arrivals and departures.
  • Any further request by carers to foster or adopt
  • Any pending court cases, convictions or cautions of any nature relating to any member of the household over 10 years of age, or anyone who is a regular visitor to the household.
  • Any intended child-minding
  • Any other changes in personal circumstances and any other event affecting the foster carers capacity to care for any children placed, or the suitability of the carers household.

Can you please inform your Fostering social worker of any changes to your household or those who are frequent visitors including:

  • Convictions including custodial sentences
  • Alcohol and drug misuse
  • Mental health diagnosis
  • Concerns in respect of adult children’s birth children
  • Domestic violence