Personal Development Plans

All Foster Carers will have a Personal Development Plan (PDP), which the Foster Carer and their Social Worker will agree. All Foster Carers should have a Personal Development Plan within six weeks of approval.  The PDP will be reviewed at each supervisory visit and updated annually at the Foster Carers Annual Review. Each Foster Carer will have a PDP based on their individual support and development needs.

The PDP will consider each carer’s development needs and agree the most appropriate actions to address these needs.  Development needs will differ from carer to carer.  For newer carers they are likely to centre around the core training and TSD standards.  For other carers they may be more focussed on the specific needs of children and young people in placement.  Agreed actions will also differ between carers and be dependent on their learning style and preferences.  Actions might be attendance at a formal training course but could also include other types of learning such as E-learning, guided individual learning, research, guided reading, accessing Government internet sites or professional discussions.  The PDP will consider and agree timescales for completion of any actions identified.   Learning from sources outside those provided by the Fostering Service can also be considered such as attendance at talks and briefings at schools or activity clubs or transferrable learning from employment outside fostering.

It is a requirement that all Foster Carers should evidence their training and learning at the level and frequency that is agreed within their Personal Development Plan.