Medication Guidance

Any medication prescribed by the child’s doctor must be in the original container and clearly labelled with the child’s name and dosage. It must be stored securely. It may be appropriate for the child’s individual safe care plan to include details about storage and disposal.

Medication must be administered in accordance with the GP/Pharmacist’s instructions and recorded on the Medication Record. There are two parts to the Medication record – one for prescribed medication (SW145) and another for over the counter (or homely) medication such as Calpol, paracetamol etc. (SW 146) If a mistake occurs which could have a major impact on the child’s health, medical advice must be sought immediately, and the Child’s Social Worker informed.

Your Fostering Social Worker will discuss the medication records with you at each supervision session. Medication records need to be completed for each child placed who receive medication. All health information recorded for the foster child will need to go to new carers or social workers when the child leaves.

Please note Disability Short Break Carers will need to discuss the medication policy in more detail with their worker and other professionals as well as the child’s family.

Information about Administering Medication is included in the Healthy Care Course. Carers who regularly administer medication for children in their care are encouraged to attend the training course, “Administration of Medication”