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Resilience Fostering

Resilience Foster Care


You’ve probably heard of foster care - where someone looks after a child for a period of time because they can’t stay with their birth parents. 

Resilience foster care takes this a step further, it's your opportunity to change a young person's life and give them a brighter future.

What is Resilience Fostering?

It’s a unique fostering opportunity where carers provide long term, family based placements for young people aged 8-18 years who currently live in residential care.

As a resilience foster carer you would foster one young person and support that person to adult life.

Could you be a Resilience Foster Carer?

If you’ve got experience of working with or caring for young people with behavioural and emotional problems, you should consider becoming a Resilience Foster Carer.

What you need to be…

  • Someone who is available to dedicate their skills to the full time care of a young person.
  • Someone with experience of supporting young people with behavioural and emotional problems
  • Someone who can provide a young person with a bedroom of their own
  • Someone who has no other looked after or dependent children living at home
  • Someone who is able and willing to attend training sessions to help develop their skills and attend monthly meetings to review the short and long term plans for the young person they are caring for.

Resilience foster care is not easy. As for any parent, there are good days and bad days. But for doing an extraordinary job, you’ll receive an extraordinary package of emotional, financial and practical support.

Our experienced carers tell us that the support they get is far above and beyond what they’ve experienced elsewhere.

Interested? Want to find out more?

Watch our short video about Resilience Fostering.


Next Steps

Why not come along to our next information meeting and meet one of our Resilience Foster Carers and find out what its really like to foster for us. Or call us on 0800 169 2061 for an information pack.