Resilience fostering

Do you have a background working with vulnerable young people? Are you a professional working in police, probation, teaching, social services, health or other similar professions looking for a change of career? Then resilience fostering might be just what you are looking for.

Resilience foster carers move children as young as 7 years old from residential care into intensively supported long term foster homes.

We currently have 11 children living in residential care who are awaiting a home, all of whom can live within a fostering household.

Resilience fostering is one of our specialist schemes and we provide a fostering salary of between £39,544-£42,788 per annum depending the age of the child you are matched with.

One of our resilence foster carers Neil, talks about why he became a resilience foster carer and shares his experience of fostering with us.


How does a young person benefit from resilience fostering?

Underpinned by Resilience Theory our aim is to provide the opportunity to build the resilience of a young person by offering them a secure base where they can build secure attachments and begin to thrive.

Who can be a Specialist Resilience Foster Carer?

  • You will need experience of working with vulnerable children.  Preferably with a background within one of the following sectors- Health and Social Care, Teaching, Police, Probation, or Youth Work.
  • Have no children under the age of 16 living in the household.
  • At least one carer needs to be available for the young person.
  • Solo applicants are welcomed.

Benefits of being a Specialist Resilience Foster Carers

  • You will have the opportunity to continue to professionally develop in your career with our specialist tailored training package.
  • You’ll have your own Fostering Social Worker who will be there to supervise, support and advise you.
  • You will have an experienced foster carer who will act as your mentor and can support you out of hours.
  • A specialist Residential to Fostering senior support worker to support you and your young person pre and post transition,
  • A dedicated Resilience Fostering Support Group who meet monthly.
  • Built in, regular, planned short breaks with a matched specialist carer.
  • You will be part of a multi-disciplinary team around the young person and will be committed to attending regular monthly resilience professional’s meetings to ensure placement support is proactive.
  • You will have a Psychological Assessment to support with the matching process.
  • You will have carefully planned introductions.
  • Your payment begins at point of approval and covers the matching and introduction period.  This fee is retained to ensure you are financially protected should a placement need to end, eg) a young person is able to return home.
  • out of hours support 365 days a year from our Emergency Duty Service
  • Free membership to the Fostering Network which provides independent advice, legal insurance, tax benefit and NI advice, financial advice and discounts.
  • Paid Mileage

Why become a resilience foster carer?

We don’t make a profit from fostering - all of our funding goes to helping young people.

We pay up to £42,788 per annum for resilience foster carers enabling our carers to foster full-time. You can find out more about our other fostering payments on our foster care pay page.

Because the support we give to our foster parents and resilience foster carers including regular short breaks helps you to make a difference to a local child.

Ready to take the next step or looking for more information about resilience foster care?

You can complete our resilience fostering application form or call 0800 169 2061 today and we’ll help answer your questions about resilience fostering. You can also join us for our next virtual information meeting taking place on 27 June from 6-7pm, book your place today.

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