Knowing you’re making a difference 

Resilience fostering is your opportunity to change a life for the better.

The intense feelings of satisfaction and pride you’ll get from seeing your foster child develop and grow can be overwhelming.

Read Alison's story to find out why she has dedicated her time to resilience foster care.

Financial reward

We absolutely recognise the professional skill involved in being a resilience foster carer and these skills are rewarded with up to £675 per week, that's around £35K per year.

Once approved as a resilience foster carer, you’ll be paid a professional fee of £477 per week whether you have a child in placement or not, this is you availability fee. Then, when a young person is placed with you, you will receive an additional weekly allowance of up to £198 (depending on the age of the young person) to cover the costs of caring for them in your home.

The financial benefits of becoming a resilience foster carer mean that it is a realistic career option and enables you to dedicate your time to supporting the young person in your care.

Want to find out more?

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