Resilience foster care is not easy. As for any parent, there are good days and bad days.

As a resilience foster carer you would be caring for a young person who, at least to begin with, is likely to be disengaged with ‘normal’ life.

Young people being placed from residential care are vulnerable due to their earlier life experiences and so can, at times, display risky behaviour.

You’ll need to feel confident that you can use your skills to find practical solutions to any problems you face.

Challenge yourself

The young person in your care makes several abusive and threatening remarks to you and other family members.

How do you respond?

  • Remain calm and don’t shout

  • Avoid being confrontational

  • Mentally check for immediate risks with the environment

  • Let them come to you when they are ready to talk

  • Reflect on the situation. Is the young person trying to tell you through actions that they are struggling with something?

You won't be going it alone

Don’t forget that whilst resilience foster care can be challenging, you won’t be going it alone.

Staffordshire County Council has been rated outstanding by Ofsted for the support and training we offer and that is valued very highly by our existing carers.

We don’t do this for a profit. We do it to give young people the best possible chance in life.

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