TurnAround fostering

Use the skills gained in your current or previous career working with young people to become a TurnAround Foster Carer.

TurnAround Foster Carers provide short term emergency care for a child or young person when they first come into care for up to 72 working hours.

TurnAround Fostering has been established to allow time for professionals, across the fostering service, to explore longer term options for children and young people, complete any assessments and plan accordingly for their next steps.

Who are we looking for?

  • Experienced professional who have developed their skills and knowledge base working with vulnerable young people, such as youth workers, police officers, youth offending workers, teachers, social workers, previous or current foster carers or care workers.

  • People who are available to care for a child or young person aged 5 -15 yrs.

  • Following an appropriate risk assessment, be available to take any child or young person who is offered to you.

  • No other children under 18 living in the household.

Placement benefits

  • Following approval you will receive a weekly availability fee of £477.61 (whether you have a child or not) and up to £25 daily allowance when a child or young person is living with you.

  • You will receive a comprehensive package of training.

  • You will attend monthly support groups and receive regular support visits from their social worker.

  • You will have access to 24hr support.

Placement Requirements

  • You will need to care for a child or young person full-time so you will not be able to be in any other employment.

  • You need to have experience of working with or looking after vulnerable young people.

  • You will need to be available for 6 weeks at a time.

  • Placements need to be solo placements with no other dependent children living at home.

  • You will need to be available to work on a 2 week on 1 week off rota.

  • You need to be willing to be involved in training.

  • If a placement is not required during a scheduled rota period, you should then be available to support a range of intensive fostering interventions to promote the stability of children in care as well as the needs of children on the ‘edge of care’.

What you need to consider

  • You will be asked on the day to take a placement 

  • You will be expected to accept any placement you are asked to take

  • You will need to be available to either take the young person to school or provide day care if they are not in school

  • You will have the opportunity to care for a large number of children and young people but only 1 at a time


Thank you for your interest but at the moment we are currently not recruiting any more TurnAround Foster Carers.