Disability Short-break Payments

When a link has been set up the child’s Social Worker will complete a Placement and discharge form via Care Director which will workflow to ACFS. 

Payments for each session or series of sessions are initiated by the Fostering Social Worker who will complete the Form SW807 for each date the child is in placement. 

Payment is as follows: 

Intros/Meetings£17.29Up to 84 hours£201.84
Up to 6 hours £34.41 Up to 96 hours £223.33
Up to 12 hours £51.57 Up to 108 hours £244.69
Up to 24 hours £68.80 Up to 120 hours £266.19
Up to 36 hours £103.03 Up to 132 hours £287.74
Up to 48 hours £137.42 Up to 144 hours £309.17
Up to 60 hours £158.85 Up to 156 hours £330.65
Up to 72 hours £180.39 Up to 168 hours £352.09


Where agreement has been given by the area social work team to cover transport costs, the mileage will be paid at the rate of 40p per mile. 

Any equipment required will be provided through the Family Placement Social Worker, in conjunction with the specialist OT services. 

See previous sections for details of equipment, insurance, tax etc.