Do I have to own my house to foster?

Posted on Friday 5th November 2021

There is a misconception in the fostering system that you must own your own home if you want to become a foster carer.

This is categorically untrue.

It doesn’t matter if you own or rent a house, you can still become a foster carer with Foster for Staffordshire.

The only condition to being a foster carer is that you have a spare bedroom for a young person to stay in when they live with you.

It’s also important that you plan to live in our current accommodation for a long time. This is because some young people that need your help require a stable family home, without the stress of moving location often.

Can you foster if you rent?

It does not matter if you rent or own your house - you can become a foster carer with Foster for Staffordshire.

However, you must seek permission from your landlord to become a foster carer if you rent.

Can I get a bigger council house if I want to foster?

You must have a spare bedroom if you wish to become a foster carer, but you could live in a  council house without a spare bedroom - and fosterings is something you’re interested in doing.

In most cases, you cannot get a bigger council house if you want to become a foster carer.

Will fostering affect my housing benefits?

If you become a foster carer, you can still claim benefits such as income support, child tax credit and housing benefits. Your fostering allowance doesn’t count towards your total income when calculating your eligibility to receive those benefits.

Looking to become a foster carer with Foster for Staffordshire?

Whether you own your home or rent it, we’d love you to apply to become a foster carer. 

Please get in touch with the Foster for Staffordshire team today, and start your journey to become a foster carer.