Can I foster if I work?

Posted on Friday 10th June 2022
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Whether or not you work can affect your application to become a foster carer and the type of fostering you can be considered for.

Whether you are employed or unemployed, the most important thing we need to know is that you’re financially secure and can provide a stable home for a child. If you work we would need to make sure that your work commitments were flexible and you could meet the needs of the child.

Can I foster if I work full time?

If the needs of the foster children in your care can be met whilst you are working a full-time job, then it is possible for you to work full time and be a foster carer.

However, working full time does affect the type of children you can care for, as they must be fairly independent and require less hands-on support.

Foster For Staffordshire foster carers are expected to look after children, attend support groups and meetings, and provide opportunities for family time between a child and their family which often takes place during the day or just after school.

It is not appropriate for a fostered child to be placed into day care whilst a foster carer works, however after school clubs and activities can sometimes be arranged for older children.

If you’re unsure about how your employment could affect you becoming a foster carer, feel free to contact our team today and explain your specific circumstances.

Can I foster if I work part-time?

It is likely to be possible for a foster carer to work part-time as well as be a foster carer, particularly if the children are in school during the same time you work. 

The child's care comes first

The aim of Foster for Staffordshire is to give the children under our protection the best possible care that they deserve, which means a safe and stable home environment is essential.

 A foster carers availability to care for a child forms part of the assessment process, as we must ensure that you have the suitable time available to offer the best care for the child that needs your help.

If you do work, you must be flexible

If the child in your care goes to school, then they will need dropping off and collecting at the end of the school day. You must also be on hand to look after them in the evenings, weekends, school holidays and if they are ill.

The amount of flexibility required to become a foster carer is why some people find it difficult to work full time. But if you have a partner and can share the care of the child between the 2 of you it can work well.

There are some exceptions where people can work full time and be successful foster carer. Some careers are adaptable enough to offer a flexible schedule, as well as the increased number of people working from home, which offers new opportunities for people to be a foster carer as well as work a full-time job.

Is fostering considered a job?

Fostering is certainly a career path that many people in the UK follow. Fostering is considered a full-time employment opportunity for a range of people, who want to make children's lives better. You are however not employed by the Council, you become self-employed.

Foster carer allowance

If you were to become a foster carer, you receive payment for the fostering work you do.

The Payment for Skills scheme is designed to recognise the range of knowledge; competency and experience that foster carers possess, with carers paid an additional fee for each child in placement by reference to their skills level.

Explore more about the payment you receive as a Foster For Staffordshire foster carer.

Interested in becoming a foster carer in Staffordshire?

Being a foster carer may be the most challenging job you will ever have, but it can be the most rewarding one too.At Foster for Staffordshire, we believe every child deserves a happy childhood and we do all we can to improve the lives of vulnerable children.

If you’re unsure about your specific work circumstances and you’re interested in becoming a foster carer, feel free to contact our team today and explain your situation to our friendly team.

We urgently need more foster carers in Staffordshire. If you think you have what it takes to be a foster carer, get in touch with our team today.