Support for you and your family

Fostering with Staffordshire County Council is different because we are a trusted, not for profit organisation with a wealth of experience and expertise in supporting families and communities. 

We've been rated as 'good' by Ofsted because of the support we give to carers and families.

We make sure that you’re fully prepared and supported to become a foster carer and ready to meet the needs of different children. 

You’ll undertake tailored training before you’re approved and we’ll continue to support you to develop your professional skills with training throughout your fostering career.  

As a Staffordshire County Council foster carer you’re part of a much bigger team. You’ll have your own fostering Social Worker who will be there to support and advise you as well as a fostering mentor, who you can contact 24/7 as well as an experienced foster carer as a mentor.

And you’ll be amazed at just how many Staffordshire foster carers live near you, with support groups for you and your family, you’ll be able to get to know them, socialise and support each other and become part of a bigger community.