Cathy and Neal's Story

Neal and I have been together for almost 30 years and it was clear from the beginning that children would always feature heavily in our lives. I have always worked with children, in several different capacities and we have 3 fabulous young adults of our own, the youngest of whom was 9 when we started fostering. 

We started fostering at the end of 2014 and can safely say it's been a rollercoaster of emotions. It's definitely a team effort and I certainly couldn't do it without my amazing family and friends around me for practical and emotional support.

We mostly foster babies although the oldest child we have had was almost 6. Now we often have 2 babies at the same time, often only a few months apart. Sometimes they come for a couple of nights and return home to their families, others have stayed for almost a year.

By far the most challenging thing about fostering is saying goodbye to the children that you have grown to love like your own. This impacts on our own children too but they handle it incredibly well. On the flip side, being involved in either returning children home or the adoption process and working closely with new adoptive parents is the most wonderful feeling. 

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