Why do Children & Families need to be involved?

The Children Act 1989 gives children’s services a legal duty to safeguard the wellbeing of privately fostered children. This includes making sure that they are;

  • safe and well looked after

  • healthy

  • receiving a proper education

  • being encouraged to reach their full potential

  • keeping in touch with people who are important to them

  • living with someone who helps them value their culture and sense of identity

  • properly supported when they become independent.

Welfare concerns

The majority of children in private fostering arrangements will be happy and thrive. However, some will;

  • suffer from loss, separation and emotional distress

  • suffer abuse and exploitation

  • have no contact with their parents

  • move from carer to carer: sometimes across countries

  • have no one in the UK with legal rights to make important decisions for them

  • remain in the UK without any formal documents and without legal status or other rights such as the right to work and education.

All these issues can be better managed, prevented and resolved if children are identified and referred to the right services sooner.

For further information please call: 0300 111 8007 then select option 1,then 4, then 3.