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Who needs a Resilience Placement?

 What kind of young person might I foster?

Children and young people in our resilience fostering scheme are some of the most vulnerable in Staffordshire.

They’ve often been abused or neglected by their birth families and have behavioural or emotional needs that mean they need intensive care and support.

When they join Staffordshire’s resilience fostering scheme, they’ll be aged between 8 and 18 years and will have spent time living in a number of places including a residential children’s home.

Because of their background, they will have emotional and/or behavioural problems, but they should be attending regular education (whether that’s a mainstream school, special school or pupil referral unit), will have shown that they can form good relationships with people who have cared for them in the past and will have shown an interest in wanting to live with one family.

We match every young person to a foster family very carefully because it’s important that you feel you’re able to build a relationship with the young person you care for and the most important factor in a young person’s success is a secure and supportive family.